Whether you have extensive storm damage or if you just need an upgrade due to your current roof hitting the end of its life cycle, we have you covered.

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Good Guys Roofing offers free estimates year-round, weather permitting. We will come to your home, climb onto the roof, and inspect it for any defects, damage, or possible future problem spots. We are exceptionally thorough with our inspections and use the most up to date technology when we are up there taking pictures, allowing us to be able to show you all the potential problems without requiring you to climb onto the roof with us. The inspection could last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on roof size and the amount of damage.

We are Xactimate Level 2 certified, which means we can write up an estimate of the same caliber that any insurance company can provide. We also use software that allows us to share your very own customer page that is specific to you only. On this page, you will be able to sign and authorize all proposals, see all updates, prices, and the schedule of your job. In the age of Covid-19, these tools are useful for providing a 100% contactless inspection, and for allowing us to give you all the pictures and information you need while remaining socially distant.

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